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hello alone

well, okay. I'm picking up the LJ thread again.

from now on this journal is officially friends only (I should find a pretty banner or something...). If you want to be my friend, comment and I'll add you (unless you're just some totally random clueless person I've never met...).

Oh, and I also cleaned out a bunch of old friends. if you want to be added back, comment and you can be.

that's about it!

on to the crazyness.
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the letters......

Red book of Westmarch: ahhh!!!! yes!!! for those of you non-lotr-freaks, this is the book where first Bilbo writes down his adventures, and then Frodo does. (In the movie, Samwise comes into the room where Frodo is, and he's like "You've finished it!" that's the red book.) And then Samwise records some, and then he passes it on to Elanor(his daughter) before Samwise set sail for the Undying lands, and so (supposedly) it came into the hands of J.R.R. Tolkien.
And in the movie, there's this actual book that is hand written (by David Salo) that you can actually read the hobbit in! (with crossouts, and additions, and in-his-own-words type of thing). It probably spends 30 seconds on film, but David Salo spent about two years writing the book in elvish style handwriting by hand.

*realizes how long she went* *stops*

Ripped-up: what my favorite jeans are. I tripped on the escalator at Disneyland (I was running up the down escalator {bad me :P}) and ripped two holes in the knees. and in my knees as well.

Rauros falls: "Oh Boromir, the tower guard will ever northward gaze, to Rauros, golden Rauros-falls, until the end of days." It's this big waterfall, and the boat with Boromir's dead body in it goes over the edge. it's really pretty!

Red: *melancholy Eeyore voice* my favorite color. what size was it? "Oh bbout as b-big as mm-me." my favorite size. My red birthday balloon.

Riddemark (also known as Rohan): Horses! people! FORTH EORLINGAS!!!!!

Radagast the brown: He got cut out of the movie, but he's a Istari wizard like Gandalf. In the book, he has this special affinity with the animals and Gandalf asks him to gather the animals to Orthanc, and Radagast hasn't turned evil like Saruman and so that's why the eagle comes to get Gandalf from the top of the tower. In the movie it's this moth thing.

Relient K: YAY!!!!!!!! maybe it was them, or maybe it was me, or maybe it's maybeline!

Ruling the world: Sam was going to do this. But so was my friend BJ. they got into an argument about it on myspace. either way, I'll be placed in a position of power. but actually, Sam might try to get me voted off the planet....*sighs* I'll vote for BJ, then.

(the) River sings: Enya song from Amarantine! in Loxian! with strange drums and chanting! *sings*

Rosie Cotton: yay! Samwise's wife! in the movie, they just had two kids, Elanor and Frodo. Elanor was actually Sean Astin's (he was Samwise) daughter, and Frodo was Sarah Mcleod's (rosie) daughter! yes, Frodo was actually a girl!

*Does not add any more LOTR entries*

if you want, I'll give you a letter to do, but I think everyone's got one already.
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I'll show you what we've missed since we slipped into inconsistency

Church talent show last night.
I was in the most things (4) this year, but as Mr. Villa said: "Welcome to the annual Boyd *cough* Emmanuel baptist talent night.
They had to reschedule it last year merely because we couldn't attend.
like, there were 5 things on the program we weren't in.
So there was the church choir. we did okay, except everybody looked at the ground.
and there was my sunday school class.........we were insane. we sang "This little light of mine"........we'd only sung it together twice before. and our guitar player/teacher had surgery on his elbow the day before. but we were supposed to be insane. that was the point. except Isaac (the only boy) and Elizabeth (the most easily embarassed) just stood up there and sang. but the other three of us clapped and waved our lights in the air and were insane. did I already mention that?

Then I played my Mazurka. which is a really fast and totally cool piece.......except I flubbed the ending. but nobody noticed. I like, memorized the piece only a couple of days before.....hehe.

Then there was our ensemble. despite only one and 1/2 rehearsals, we were actually okay. We didn't write the words or the tune, but we had no music, so we wrote everything else.
First song: Greenwaves.
I played violin. missed my slidy-up part, but it was better then me doing it wrong. and I had to invent a new position on the violin merely to play my part...2 1/2 postion.
BJ played piano. she wrote all the piano parts including like this variation that doesn't sound anything like the piece but somehow fits the chorus line perfectly.
Em and Liz sang. they were kind of timid, but that sounded okay over the microphone. they both have awesome voices.
second song: Orinoco flow.
we like, had to write a beginning and an end because they required stuff we didn't have....like drums...but it was so awesome.
three of us sang, while BJ again played the piano.

Afterward, Nate is like, "Elizabeth and Emily were just standing there, but you were really getting into it!"
Sam comes up: that's my sister! she's going to be a headbanger in a celtic band!
Sail away, sail away, sail away!
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(no subject)

I'm worried about my dog.
'cause he keeps throwing up.
let me clarify.
I'm not worried about if he's sick or not.
I'm worried about how small his brain is if he keeps eating grass and dirt.
Seriously, he ate a hole in the grass.
and he just throws it all up and doesn't care.
that can't be good.
So, anyway.....my puppy is a bit lacking in the upper story.
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(no subject)

LJ Interests meme results

  1. captain jack sparrow:
    green nose and eight eyes. yay!
    "Weddings? I love weddings. drinks all round!"
    "but why is the rum gone?"
    yo ho, my hearties, yo ho!
    and all the really bad eggs.....
  2. eating lembas:
    My favorite food.
    not that I've ever had it...........:P
  3. halo:
  4. johnny depp:
    Same person as 1#
  5. lotr:
    this is my life. Rings, elves, cute hobbits, ugly orcs, brave deeds, cool swords; you name it, I love it all.
  6. not my brother sam:
    This one was put in because my brother tried to put himself as one of my interests. so I changed it.
  7. princess bride:
    awesome movie.
    Stop rhyming, and I meant it!
    anybody want a peanut?
  8. relient k:
    and this is how I chose to live, as if I'm jumping off a cliff, knowing that you'll save me, knowing that you'll save me. and after all the stupid things I did, there's nothing left there to forgive, 'cause you already forgave, yeah you already forgave me!
  9. secret garden (the band!):
    Take me home to the meadow that cradles my heart, where the waves reach as far, as you can see.......
    take me home to the meadow we've been too long apart, I can still hear you calling for me............
  10. the chronicles of narnia:
    the chronic (what!) cles of narnia!

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

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After all this time, I never thought

I have been having a perfect weekend.
now if the bridal shower will only go well.
Went shopping thursday night, got an outfit and shoes...........
spent friday being lazy..............
but today was awesome.
I had orchestra, as usual.........then I hung out with Nessie for two+ hours. We went to Ted Brown music store--a music store for music-obsessed people--they had two rows of popular-music books. Mmhmm, nothing is sound, whatever-the-coldplay-album-is-that-has-clocks-on-it, and a whole section for enya. bliss.
went to lunch, then to Krispy Kremes, then went back to the Pantages theater.
We heard the Cairos string quartet.
They are the BEST.
so way.
They were the professors from central washington university-and after that, I had a master class with one of them.
did okay.

came home, found a hole in my favorite jeans, spent about two hours in my room sewing patches onto the jeans. hehe.
My great-grandmother had a bad habit of buying fabrics to make quilts, but never actually finishing the quilts, only making trillions of potholders.
so she left plenty of material behind.
so I did the patches in a dark brown with little white dots fabric, and then a tan fabric with a colored floral pattern.
they look kind of dorky.
but I love them.

No matter how many times I use it, I still love my icon.
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(no subject)

I'm bored.
So I'm psyhicing out the chat room on Arwen-undomiel.
I think they think I'm somebody else.
is somebody else using the name of Tindomerel?
I wonder who has time to spend on internet chat rooms all day?
besides me.

I think I scared everyone away.
*Evil laughter*

look at the awesome icon I stole from Sam.
isn't it cool?
It's even cooler BECAUSE I stole it from sam.

*More evil laughter*

Now I'm being somebody else, and talking to my other person in the chat room..............I love doing this. *is evil*
everyone's ignoring me.................meh.
I should be doing school.

*is insane*

okay. There is somebody else named Tindomerel.
ruins my fun.
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